General Membership Meeting, Wednesday, February 19

The winter General Membership meeting for TNG/CWA Local 37082 will be held Wednesday, February 19 at the the Guild office in Belltown. All members in good standing are eligible to participate and are urged to attend.

WHERE: 2122 Third Avenue, Seattle

WHEN: 6:30 p.m.

A key agenda item for the meeting will be consideration of the new “wellness” plan recently unveiled at the Seattle Times. At the meeting, we will review feedback received on the member survey and discuss our response to the company.

Any member in good standing wishing to propose additional agenda items may do so by calling the Guild office at 206-328-1190 or sending an email to Administrative Officer Darryl Sclater at

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Harshing Denver’s Superbowl Mellow

horse with pipe 2
So this year’s Superbowl just happens to be a meeting between teams from the only two states that have legalized recreational marijuana use. Cause and effect? Mere chronological coincidence? Who can say? No doubt the question will long be pondered and debated over many a contemplatively toked fatty.

But if the interconnections remain elusive between the mutual decision of Washington and Colorado to free the weed and the impending showdown between the Seahawks and the Broncos, one thing is abundantly clear: the influx of friendly local shwagmarts and ganjaterias into Denver has obviously led to some serious local overindulgence. Are they handing out free samples down there? Because based on what we’ve seen being posted online by our colleagues at the Denver Guild somebody has definitely been venturing a bowl or three too far lately, on what looks like a fairly regular basis. In fact, if we were not familiar with the wholly mythical character of amiable Mary Jane’s unfair reputation as a gateway drug (and because we’d blush to suggest such a thing about our fellow Guild members) we’d be tempted to think that everyone in Denver had rushed headlong straight from the bong to the crack pipe.

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New 2013-2017 Yakima Herald-Republic Contract Approved

The new 2013-2017 Yakima Herald-Republic Guild contract was approved in a ballot vote yesterday evening at the Herald-Republic. The proposal passed by a clear majority of the ballots cast.

It has been a long-standing Pacific NW Guild practice not to publish the numbers relating to internal votes. However, any member in good standing who wants more detail on the vote can contact the Guild office at 206-328-1190. Any member in good standing can also examine the ballots and voting materials at the Guild office upon request.

Thank you to everyone who voted. Thank you also to everyone who filled out the issues survey and provided other input to the bargaining team. Your critical comments and positive suggestions were vitally important in directing our talks with the company. Regardless of whether or not you were satisfied with the final agreement, your voice and contribution were essential to any improvements and positive additions we gained in the final version. Your support and help as part of the union is very much appreciated by your bargaining team.

Guild 2013-2017 YHR Bargaining Team

Marcus Michelson (News, YHR Unit Chair)
Mai Hoang (News)
Darryl Sclater (PNW Guild Local Administrative Officer)

To submit a question or comment, or if you have a work-related issue, please email Administrative Officer Darryl Sclater at or call the Guild office at 206-328-1190.

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Yakima Herald-Republic Bargaining Bulletin #3

On Saturday, your Guild bargaining team and company representatives reached a tentative agreement on a new Guild contract at the Herald-Republic. The term of the contract is for four years, running from October 1, 2013 through September 30, 2017. The bargaining team was disappointed that the company would only agree to wage increases in the last two years of the contract, and these increases are quite small. However, we regard it as positive that the company agreed to withdraw its proposal to increase the employee-paid share of health insurance premiums. The current share will not change, and is secured for the duration of the contract. The company also withdrew its proposal to remove circulation District Managers from the bargaining unit, so that they would no longer be covered by the contract. While the new proposed contract has only limited wage improvements, it also contains no major concessions or take-backs of existing pay and benefits. On balance, we believe it is a net positive agreement that will provide sustained security for Herald-Republic members over the next four years. We are recommending the agreement for approval.

The following is a summary of the key elements of the new agreement:

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Yakima Herald-Republic Bargaining Bulletin #2


On Monday, your Guild bargaining team and company representatives held the second meeting in negotiations for a new Guild contract at the Herald-Republic. The two sides exchanged new counterproposals, and we reached tentative agreements on several different provisions. Additionally, in an effort to narrow the focus of bargaining, both sides withdrew some proposals. However, most of the remaining issues are big ones: pay, medical cost, furloughs, and the removal of some employees from coverage under Guild contract.

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